arno loison-cart

Montreal, QC Canada

Bio: Born in 1975, Arno Loison-Cart spent his childhood in Provence and Champagne. At 16, he settled in Paris, where he studied musicology at the Sorbonne and obtained a degree in audio engineering from the Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle.

He spent two years in Africa, working in N’Djamena as Manager of the Audiovisual Department of the French Cultural Center and then in Abidjan and Dakar, where he wrote his first anthology of poems “Chiaro-Scuro” and developed an interest in graphic arts, especially montage and photography.

After returning to France in 2001, he concentrated on composition and writing, produced original versions of art films shown in galleries and museums in France and Germany and published works in various French and Canadian production magazines. He spent time in London, Barcelona, Venice, Prague, Budapest, Istanbul, Dakar and Montreal, drawing inspiration from his travels.

His music, often skilfully crafted, strives to be effective with pleasing melodies which effortlessly recapture our attention. The glimpses of a poetic style lend a striking originality to his compositions and a simplicity that is filled with a mysterious quality, one of departures, homecomings, uncertainty and surprise. Everyday elements are given a new lease of life, forming new images that we retain almost subconsciously.

He moved in Montreal, QC, Canada at the end of 2009.

by Jean-Philippe Raîche
Canadian Cultural Center, Paris.
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