Sharon, PA United States

Bio: Sonny Parker (born July 8, 1983 in Pittsburgh, PA) better known as Fetti, is an American rap artist. His childhood was that of a typical underprivileged family living in the projects – something he raps about but doesn’t focus upon. “I write music about what I did in life and what I’m going through. I do music that people can relate to that is hard but will put a smile on their face.” Fetti is from the East Coast, but has a Southern style. He is known for his punch lines, taste in good rap music and work ethic.

Fetti is currently working on gaining exposure in the Atlanta market as an up and coming rap artist. His EPK, “Came from Nothin,’” will be complete during the 4th quarter of 2009. It is about his past and hope for his future. Super producer Marvelous J produced the hit single, “Ain’t Nobody” as his debut track and sees nothing but big things in Fetti’s future.

Fetti has been working the rap scene in Pittsburgh and around the globe since 2000. He began by connecting with different labels and different local groups and has opened up for bigger artists such as B.G., Young Jeezy, 36 Mafia, and Lil Kim, among others. He plans to expand his fan base from the Pittsburgh market to the Atlanta market to gain enough exposure to be signed by a major label and continue his career for the long haul. His message and image are that of a positive friend who came from nothing to realize his dreams. Although he came from hard times, he sees nothing but success in his future – and he encourages others to follow his positive message.

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