Traci Gott Reed

Redondo Beach, CA United States

Bio: She was singing before she was walking....playing piano before she could reach the pedals.....
Growing up in a rural community of Richardsville, Kentucky, the stage was set for the country song writer in Traci. It filled her with life lessons and fire in her soul to reach out to people and touch them with music.

With dreams of experiencing the big city, and all its cultures and differences, Traci made her way to Los Angeles many years ago to gain more for her heart to write about and to learn more about those that God placed on this earth.
It was in Los Angeles in 2008 that Traci finally finished her first cd. This was such a long time comin' from being a farm girl in Kentucky, to taking a life changing leap to Los Angeles and finally achieving one of her most important goals.

Traci never forgets her roots as it is the foundation that has made her who she is today. Music has been her medicine through all the ups and downs and struggles we all go through in our lives. It is the one universal language that speaks to us all. Priceless. Everything in our lives is put to music. Let Traci's music define a special time in your life.....
May God bless you on this journey........
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