West New York, NJ United States

Genres:Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Electronic - Pop, Pop - Teen, Pop Rock, Pop - Electronic, Rock - Pop Rock
Bio: Born and raised in Germany, Tina had big dreams at a young age "either become an Olympic runner or a singer!" Despite becoming an accomplished athlete, the music business was a more realistic career goal. Tina often jokingly describes herself as a "Germericuadorian" (German-American-Ecuadorian) and credits her multicultural/-lingual upbringing and parents' good values for her well-rounded character and broad range of interests. Growing up in a musical household she was influenced by various genres, from classical to latin music. At the age of 9, Tina began to play the piano and was classically trained for six years. Music became her outlet for creativity and emotions and also a form of therapy in the most challenging times of her life. In moments of heartbreak, happiness, frustration and loss of loved ones she was inspired to turn to music, and began writing songs on her piano as a teenager. She believes that "music is one of the most powerful forces that can influence people around the world, bring them together, and evoke emotions that words cannot describe. It is a vehicle to drive change and bring good."
At the age of 16, Tina embarked on a one-year high school exchange program in the U.S., which turned out to be a long-term life decision. After finishing College and Grad School she was determined to pursue a corporate career in the music industry in New York, where she held jobs at a music publisher and an entertainment marketing agency. Music is her true passion and there is nothing else she would rather do. Although she wrote her first song when she was 14, she committed herself to songwriting and music production only recently and hopes to one day have commercial success with it.
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