Shirley Cason

Denville, NJ United States

Bio: Shirley Cason -
is one of those musicians who has a natural feel for arranging piano, synthesizer, and orchestral sounds together. Nothing on her CD's is played for the sake of working in another sound. Every rhythm, every sound, every texture are obviously well considered. The results is a tapestry of sounds that weave a hypnotic spell. Cason decided that the world needed something soothing, healing, relaxing but had sprit.

I try to convey different emotions," Cason said. "Life can't always be happy. Life is not always sad either. You have to have a little bit of both on each CD. Each melody is a different journey. I start with something personal in my life, then embroider the specific sounds to create the mood."

People ask me how do I write the songs that I do. I try to write songs about personal events in my life that either moved me to tears or laughter. Robert Frost once said, "
If a story does not make the writer laugh or cry, it will not make anyone else laugh or cry either." I have also learned from listening to Janis Ian's music that if a song is true to an artist's heart, it will create a story picture in the listener's mind. I strongly agree, as a song writer, with these philosophies."

"Even though I do not sing on my CD's, yet that is.... I do write lyrics for most of my ballads. Lyrics helps complete the story of what each song is about. People love something with heart," says Cason. There will always be a ballad in the Top 10." The lyrics I write for my songs give them the opportunity for the stories to be passed along by other vocal artists that would like to sing and record them.

All the songs that I eventually end up recording on my CD's are the ones I can play over and over again and never get bored with the story they tell. That is because the songs mean so much to me personally."

Enjoy the journey with me....

Shirley :)
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