Vagabond Orchestra

Bainbridge Island, WA United States

Bio: Imagine: Lounging in a smokey cabaret in Munich . . . wandering along the banks of the Seine . . . dancing with abandon on a Brazilian beach . . . these are just a few of the moods evoked by the the Vagabond Orchestra. Based in Seattle they write and play "world cabaret" music: a mixture of world idioms spiced up in a theatrical tradition. (If Edith Piaf sang a bolero in 1920's Cuba, or if Ella sang a chanson in 1930's Paris these would be just two of the orchestra's many styles.)
Vocalist/lyricist Anna Witte wrote in five languages for this album. Raised in Europe, Anna sings in French, German, English, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese. Her lyric and distinctive-vocal style helps create a true international flavor. Anna's co-conspirator, the other half of this writing team, is the founder of Vagabond Orchestra, composer/guitarist D. Ashley Baker. Ashley has composed for dance, film and theatre and was commissioned by the Portland Art Museum to create music for a Monet exhibition. At present he is working on a video of the title track "Little Horses.
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