Sherman Oaks, CA United States

Bio: Noah Received his BA in music composition from the University of Chicago in 1999. There he studied classical orchestration, composition and tonal harmony with noted composers Easley Blackwood and John Eaton. The Pacifica Quartet premiered Noah's prize-winning string quartet in concert. Noah served as accompanist for 'Off-Off Campus', an improvised comedy troupe, to rave reviews. An acomplished pianist, Noah also appeared in concert performing Chopin, Beethoven, Prokofiev and Joplin.

After college, Noah started Chewy Software, a video game development studio. There, he wrote music for a variety of game titles including the million selling hit for Hasbro, 'Dreamlife'.

In 2007, Noah relocated to Los Angeles to pursue film and television scoring full time. His first feature film, 'Boxing Day' has enjoyed significant festival success in adition to being showered with accolades, including an Indie Award. Noah's ghost-written cues have also been featured in a variety of major network reality TV shows.

In 2008, Noah joined the Composers Collective as a member of the advisory board.

Most recently, NBC invited Noah to participate in the My Chimes series of promotional spots. Noah worked with NBC producers to develop a music-focused segment for the show 'Medium'. Noah continues to enjoy success in the art music world as well, with his Sonata for Clarinet and Piano published in 2008.

Currently, Noah is pursuing a variety of film, TV and game scoring projects including the upcoming feature 'Six Non-Smokers'. Noah was recently interviewed by the 'The Score' about his career, and thoughts on scoring for Film and Games.

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