Jeff Jones

Lakewood, OH United States

Bio: The first solo release from passion driven music artist Jeff Jones. After years of dedication and progress in his craft, he now aims to spread his uplifting message to people of all ages and musical taste. Paint Your Life sounds very edgy with a hint of soul. With the title saying it all, Paint Your Life, promises to keep you listening while telling a story of how you can get and be whatever you hold as that 'dream' inside of your head. Every aspect of this release has much thought put into it from the meaning filled vocals/lyrics to the ambient dance beats; and let's not forget the heavy n' intense guitar solos. The energetic and dance-able first track "Start You Now" gets you movin, followed by other pop-catchy tunes such as "We Can" and "The Open World". Paint Your Life showcases Jeff Jones' ability to really capture your attention with his music/thoughts and help break free into a world where who YOU are inside really matters.

Jeff Jones has been involved with music ever since he was younger when he started out dancing, singing, and playing air guitar to older songs his parents would listen to. He has come a long way on his journey to where he is now; the front of his own solo project and lead singer of Cleveland, Ohio rock band We're All Winners.

"I have always had an extreme passion for writing and playing music," Jeff states. "It has the power to lift people so high or possibly even help them through a low point by relating to the lyrics or music that they are listening to."

Born in Westminster, Colorado, Jeff Jones has been involved with music and entertainment ever since he was twelve years old. He started off with playing guitar and singing, but then also later on picked up piano/keyboard, bass, and honed in on his songwriting abilities. The first major band he was involved in was called This Awkward Silence in Cleveland, Ohio and they made a huge name for themselves amongst the regional crowd playing Warped Tour and sold out shows of 1,200 and more.

With a new solo release titled "Paint Your Life" on his hands, Jeff is now working towards extending his fan base and getting his music heard. He is always pushing forward and appreciates all of the support from fans he has received so far. Jeff states: "My goal is to inspire and help others realize that they can be, do, or have anything that they can possibly dream of. It all starts with your thoughts, and this is why music is a good way for me to get that message across." After already building a solid fan base of over 40,000 loyal fans internationally, Jeff Jones is out there doing what he loves and inspiring those who listen to his music.
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