Mckinney, TX United States

Genres:Gospel/Religious, RnB - Modern/Urban Contemporary, RnB - Classic/Soul
Bio: Kimmie Swan is back and better than ever with a brand-new album titled “Sanctuary.” It’s a mixture of dance, rock, and pop. A culinary mixture of new music styles merged to create an untraditional genre that
is refreshing in today’s market that is filled with computer-based sample music that lacks creativity and talent.

“Sanctuary” is an inner sanctum filled with the dynamics of love, humor, regret, and pain. A view into the psyche of a broken heart that becomes invincible when fueled by all the issues that are designed to keep you down. A place of refuge. Inside of Kimmie’s psyche metaphorically speaking (Sanctuary), she experiences several degrees of mixed emotions while trying to understand human nature.

This is clearly heard in her hit single “Sanctuary Of Love.” “This song pleads for understanding, acceptance, and unconditional love,” says Kimmie. “It’s an admission of being hurt and needing time to heal. This song is a reality check. Something that many of us are unwilling to admit.”

We all have our breaking points, and Kimmie’s smash hit song “Pissed Off!” showcases the frustrations of having done all you can to make amends with someone who has tormented you and they still enjoy making your life a living hell. It’s time for change! It’s time to let it be known that you will not take any more shit!

“It has been an emotional roller coaster, and I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of growing pains while completing this album,” says Kimmie. “It was difficult to look inward and acknowledge my own shortcomings and fears and be able write about in a way that can relate to many people. It has also been a joy to write about love and hope.”

“It has been a true pleasure and a real blast to once again work with Kerav Shimon at Nexxus Media Group. We were able to create another genre of music. He helped me unlock my true potential!”

“It’s a new day. We are evolving in every area of Creation. Now let’s dance.”

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