Chris McLeod

Nashville, TN United States

Genres:Folk, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Christmas/Holiday, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Chris McLeod, is an emerging singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN. He has received song placement on MTV, and has played over 100 live shows in his career. Chris has independently booked four US tours to date. He spent the better part of a decade in the music scene in Tulsa, OK and regularly played throughout the midwest. He also lead music at Emmaus Road Church in Tulsa, OK from 2005-2011.

Currently, Chris is recording an album with producer Joshua Silverberg (Edison Glass, Illuminate, Addison Road, Toby Mac, Seabird) out of Nashville, TN. “Traveler” is set to be released in 2011.

His songs have the unique merge of influence from Switchfoot, Death Cab for Cutie, John Mayer, Sufjan Stevens, U2, and Rich Mullins.

Chris has also lead Christian communities in worship for many years. With a blend of original worship songs, hymn arrangements, and some modern worship classics, Chris leads in a unique and inspiring way. He also knows that worship is more than a few songs on a Sunday morning, it is a holistic encounter that should take hold of every part of our lives. Whether intended for congregational singing or personal listening, every song Chris writes is intended to exemplify a life of worship.

In 2005, Chris released his first full-length album, “Alone and Alive.” Each of the 10 songs are written and co-produced by Chris McLeod and Matt Ruckel. The songs on this record range from the intimate acoustic sound that is evident in Chris’ live show, to a more hard hitting, alternative sound. Highlights of this album include the infectious love tune, “Discover” (as heard on MTV’s Engaged & Underage, 2007), “Not So Far” (featuring Josh Morin of Edison Glass), as well as the epic, eight minute “Magdalene,” which ends the album.

Chris’ second full-length album, “Television Dreams” was released in December of 2008. Produced by Chris in his bedroom, this album is more intimate and mature than anything Chris has done to date. On this release, he blends acoustic folk with elements of electronic music. Layers of guitars, banjos, and vocals accompany thoughtful and meaningful lyrics that carry the listener through the darker season of life to the healing on the other side.

Chris has shared the stage with:
Edison Glass
Andy Zipf
Sleeping At Last

Chris has played the following music festivals:
Kingdom Bound (Western NY)
DFest (Tulsa, OK)
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