Toronto, Ontario Canada

Bio: ramona began as the creative outlet for music producer and audio engineer dave fritz. when he wasn’t engineering or playing guitar in various live acts, dave kept busy recording demos at home. as the demos started piling up he decided to commit five of the songs to an ep. the original intention was to give a few copies to friends and then move on to the next project.

dave began to take ramona more seriously however once people wanted to become involved in the project. bass player matt trotter insisted ramona become a live act and that he wanted to be part of it. dave’s former band mate jeremy knowles, who had already contributed to the ep, hopped on board as drummer.

inspired by all the enthusiasm, dave approached ramona with a commitment and a passion that he hadn’t felt in years.

ramona's debut ep was written, performed and recorded by dave in toronto at savile row. it was a conscious effort to make a recording that was a bit "rough around the edges", a departure from the heavily produced rock albums that dave had found himself working on in recent years.

a guitar plugged straight into an overdriven valve amplifier, just four microphones on the drum kit and songs that can stand on their own merit.

some very special guests were enlisted to play on ramona's debut. steve scott (junior achiever) and scott eagles played bass on "hanging on the words" and "the one" respectively and mah of japanese recording artists shakalabbits played drums on "kids in tokyo'. jeremy knowles and matt trotter who also played on the disc became full fledged members of ramona.

mornington crescent now open is a simple, noisy, infectious cacophony of melancholy, memories and madness.

the ep will be released in the USA by pacific ridge records in Europe by engineer records and in japan this winter on fixing a hole records. this release is a “hat-trick” of sorts, as it marks the third japanese release dave has been involved with in the last two years.

the first was the posthumous release of ‘wact – the anthology”, the band dave played with in england during the 1990’s and most recently as engineer/producer/guitar player and backing vocalist on junior achiever’s “all the little letdowns” which was followed by a seven-date tour of japan supporting columbia recording artists ‘shakalabbits’.

dave’s friendship with shakalabbits resulted in the bonus track ‘kids in tokyo’. it was inspired by the audiences that dave played to while in japan and his new found love for the country.

shakalabbits’ drummer mah was so moved by the sentiment that he agreed to play drums on the song at a studio in japan while dave finished the rest of the song in toronto.

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