Leaving Neon

Mantorville, MN United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: Leaving Neon charges confidently on to the music scene with their debut release "All Those Things You Thought You Wanted," a five track alternative/pop/rock EP that draws from influences like Incubus, Paramore, Foo Fighters and The Spill Canvas.

Formed in 2008 by Derek Harlow (vocals/guitar), Mark Spurbeck (guitar), and Ian Holmes (drums), Leaving Neon played a handful of local gigs in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area and wrote over 20 songs in preparation for their first album. The result is a focused but diverse sound that uses edgy dance rock beats and unforgettable hooks that will appeal to a wide audience.

The band sought producer and engineer Izaac Burkhart from the local band Weaver at the Loom to co-produce the lbum. "Having someone like Izaac was very beneficial. He
understood our goals and pushed the songs to new levels," says Harlow, the band’s primary songwriter.

The album title, "All Those Things You Thought You Wanted," comes from a line in last track, "Parasite." "The theme of this album is longing - for relationships that were or could never be, for self-confidence, for purpose in life... There is something in each of these songs that echoes that line. It was really the only option we considered when naming the album," Spurbeck says.

Leaving Neon establishes itself with intricate lyrics that know when to be direct, but also take the time to use allegory and subtlety. "Said the Spider to the Fly" is the best example of this. Harlow says, "I wanted to capture the feeling of a relationship in which one person wants it to move in one direction and the other wants it to stay the same. It's about a relationship that inevitably falls apart even though both individuals care about each other.”

The band’s first single, “Take Care,” is the most widely accessible track on the album. "This song was a last minute add-on to the disc and almost didn't get recorded, but there was something about it that kept drawing us back to it. It’s catchy, it’s easy to relate to, and we’ve received some great feedback," Harlow says.

The 5 songs go very fast, and that’s a good thing; the album is clearly designed for repeat listens. "All Those Things You Thought You Wanted" tears through at a brisk pace from the first drum fill to the last chord, cementing Leaving Neon as a band to watch. There is plenty here to appeal to the casual listener, but there is also enough musical variety and sincerity to impress music fans who desire something more significant.

Check out the band on their official website http://leavingneon.com
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