Lisa Bell

Boulder, CO United States

Lisa Bell
Genres:Cajun/Zydeco, Easy Listening, Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Pop - Adult Contemporary
Bio: For nearly a decade, Lisa has shared a personal connection with her fans. From her evolution as a songwriter to her performances with legendary artists to her work with the healing benefits of music & sound, Lisa has invited us in to relate our own life experiences and journey we are all on together.

With the release of her emotionally compelling third album, Dancing On The Moon, Lisa continues her creative evolution as a universally appealing multi-talented artist, embracing her genre-transcending spirit.

The title song, “Dancing on the Moon” is a heartfelt story about a person who is spinning just out of reach, a strong metaphor about the life that we are all seeking. One in which we can incorporate a passionate career that is true and rich but often seems unattainable. While “Move On,” is about how hard it is to let go of the safe and familiar, even when it’s time to move forward in our lives and “Carry On,” encourages us to take that first step away from a troubled relationship, even if we don’t know what lies down the road.
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