hampton, GA United States

Genres:HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Gangsta/Hardcore, HipHop - Pop/Modern
Bio: Mumbz (aka mumbles) has been a hip hop producer for more than 10 years, and has worked with such artists as MC Lyte, Madusa, and Kid Frost. From the California area by way of Chicago, and currently living in Atlanta GA. Mumbz, and the Keymakr have teamed up for over four years, and have over four albums completed.

With a catalog of over a two hundred songs, Mumbztoned Music is ready!

The latest project is the turning point of production for hip hop music. Mumbz has combined south east swagger with west coast ridin' beats. All original tracks and no samples (WE CAN PROVE IT). Simple yet smooth flows with all lyrics written by Mumbz and Ashley Peeps. No Ghost Writers or Samples Allowed in the studio. When it's time to work we work! Thats when all of the soul,funk,rock, jazz, blues, and early hip hop influences come and hang out!!!

The Keymaykr Is the wizzard behind some of the truely intricate and ground breaking keyboard arrangements that really bring out the one and only mumbztoned tone! When you really listen to it there is a wall of sound like no other, and The Keymaykr has played a part in that. Playing from a very young age and taking professional piano lessons, he has grown into doing what he does best and that is original vibes and chords that can make you imagine just how hot it's bout ta get...

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