Magali Luque

Lima , Lima Peru

Bio: Peruvian singer-songwriter Magali Luque’s latest project is her solo CD entitled "Básica" (translated as "Basic Me"), a personal project with a variety of eclectic music performed on acoustic instruments. She journeys through a myriad of world rhythms, from pop ballads to funk, from guajira to bolero, from bossa to swing. Her evocative lyrics speak of being in and out of love, and the marriage of these to world beats create a distinctive style that only Magali’s soulful voice can express. Her music videos for the hit songs “Medicina perfecta” (Perfect Medicine) and “No voy a decírtelo” (I Won’t Tell You) receive constant airplay on Peruvian television.

Magali Luque began her musical career in 1990 by studying Choral Conduction and in 1992 attended the National Conservatory of Music in Lima, Peru, specializing in the double bass, a musical instrument she now masters. Besides this instrument, Magali is a multi-instrumentalist in every sense of the word: her instruments include guitar, bass, cello, double bass, flute, and percussion. Nevertheless, she still considers her voice the primary instrument of choice since it is, in her words: “a living instrument.”

She was one of the founding members of “Ñaymlap”, a contemporary Peruvian music quartet that also featured Ernesto Mayhuire on guitar. She has also been a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Peru. In both instances, her instrument was the double bass; and although these two groups were “academic” in a musical sense, she has explored other musical avenues on her own; such as the rock groups “Sándalo” (pop music) and later “Lunazul” (Latin-jazz and fusion). Not only did she play bass on these experimental bands, but she was also the lead singer.

Because of her outstanding qualities as an eclectic composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist, Magali Luque is one of the most sought after musicians in Peru. Her many works cover not only the music field but also theater productions for renowned Directors like Alonso Alegría, July Naters, Ruth Escudero, Mateo Chiarella, etc. She not only performed on the soundtracks for such musical plays as The Little Prince, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Don Quixote but also composed the soundtrack for the plays “Peripatéticos” and “The Temptation of Love.” She also composed the score for the film “Rehenes-a” to be released in the spring of 2009 as well as performed the music for the dance companies of Mirella Carbone, Morella Petrozzi, and the dance company “La Tarumba.”

In Peru she also does session work for the top bands of contemporary music such as the rock groups “Frágil”, “Libido”, “La Sarita”, “D’mente Común”, among many others. She has also performed and recorded with the most important artists in the Peruvian folklore category, such as Damaris (Latin Grammy nominee), Sawya, The Gaytán Castro Brothers, Nelly Munguía etc.

In April of 2008 she was invited to Buenos Aires, Argentina to perform selections from her latest CD along with the local Argentinean band named “Rosal.”
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