Kaitlyn ni Donovan

Portland, OR United States

Kaitlyn ni Donovan  Photo by: Andy Batt
Bio: Kaitlyn ni Donovan is a classically trained violinist and composer of chamber pop, experimental, classical, jazz, acoustic, ambient and film score music from Portland, Oregon. She is self taught on a multitude of instruments and is known for unorthodox chord changes and lyrics peppered with dense language and romantic imagery. She sings in a style that is angelic and sparse.

Her music has never been easy to place into one genre.
She has shared musical billing with acts as diverse as Donovan Leitch to Cibo Matto. Reviewers, tongue tied for "sound alike" references a often use visual images to convey the eerie and graceful atmosphere of her style. This has worked at her advantage, spring boarding her into being sought out by directors who are seeking a mesmerizing or haunting score.

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