David Chernis

Saugerties, NY United States

Bio: David is a former member and multi-instrumentalist of Epic / Rounder recording artists The Damnwells. He wrote and arranged guitar and steel tracks and melodies on The Damnwells' recordings "Bastards of the Beat," "Golden Days," "There Is No One Left In Brooklyn But You," "PMR + 1," and "Air Stereo." Soundtracks include "The Last American Man," "Just Married," "Chaos Theory," and "Golden Days." His bag of tricks includes the following instruments: Weissenborn acoustic steel guitar, dobro, 8 string non-pedal steel guitar, electric 6 and 12 string guitars, banjo, nylon string guitar, moog and lap steel. His recording studio is home to a treasure trove of vintage amps, instruments and oddities, and specializes in atmospheric acoustic music for film.
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