Unpainted Souls

Tampa, FL United States

Billy Whiting
Genres:Folk, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, World - Other, Blues - Acoustic
Bio: Unpainted Souls – (the internet band that never was) is widely known throughout the inner recesses of the band creators mind, Billy Whiting. Having never played with the likes of Sting, Chris Isaac, John Michel Talbit, Petra, The Kingston Trio, VOL, Johnny Mathis, and Bob Dylan he now offers the wider world an opportunity to hear the sounds from within and without. The cataloged of Unpainted Souls #1 hit songs you never heard before include such obscure titles as, “Tangerine (From ‘The Return of the Lounge Lizard’”, “Something in Spanish”, and “Not Alone”. So, come on and listen to this strange blind of World Rock Fusion Worship (with a bent towards Classical). You just might regret it.
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