Leisur Hive

Carshalton, Surrey United Kingdom

Bio: One of the most visceral, intense and interesting bands from the UK in the last decade, Leisur Hive were first formed by Daniel Knowler and Maria Vellanz after a chance meeting 13 years after they first met as children.

With Maria's punk-spirited enthusiasm and Dan's background in Suicide-esque rock band Proton Wedding, they began Leisur Hive as an attempt to fuse angular, percussive forms with intensely emotional songwriting.

The line-up was solidified with the addition of longtime friend and collaborator Mark Bishop and Robert Allen (also of Australian noise duo Halo )

Their close-to-the-bone, emotional performances, echoing distorted soundscapes and throbbing, thunderous basslines have often been compared to such sonic individualists as Joy Division, Swans, Cop Shoot Cop and The Fall, but Leisur Hive remain solely focused on their own wayward path.

They have gained a reputation for their exhilarating, cathartic live shows, playing across the UK and Europe.

In 2008 Leisur Hive's released their 4th studio album, The Soft Column. Stirring, stately and throbbing with a warm grey heart, it brings to fruition the off-kilter sound of their live performances and defines Leisur Hive's aesthetic of merging slabs of growling rhythm with emotive shimmering songwriting.
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