Wessner Music/Plastic Jesus

North Hollywood, CA United States

Genres:Electronic - Lounge/Chillout
Bio: Artist, Drummer, Engineer, Musician, Producer, and Songwriter hailing from the San Francisco House music scene and Los Angeles rock scene. WessC continues to blend his unique funk laden grooves with his essence of live instrumentation to create a sound all his own - both producer and composer of countless tracks for his independent production company, Plastic Jesus Productions. Also, a member of Rythmatik and working with house music co-writer and producer DJ Keith Sanderson. You can also currently find WessC as the Drummer (Producer and Engineer) for the Southern California Rock Band Vinyl Candy. Rock solid songwriting and a passionate commitment to music that makes a difference and the band has the chops to pull it off. Vinyl Candy is a richly talented young quintet whose seamless sound welds a mix of influences. From The Beatles to Jellyfish to Oasis to Butch Walker, Vinyl Candy brings it all together in a grand musical vision that is reminiscent of the best that rock can be while remaining utterly innovative and original. The evidence can be heard on Pacific Ocean Park, the band’s awe-inspiring debut album, featuring twelve original tracks Vinyl Candy is now finishing their second album titled “LAND”. This much anticipated sophomore release will be sure to drench audiences in their Psychedelic Power Pop Rock. Also, check out: www.wessnermusic.com Plastic Jesus Productions Additional contact info: mwessner@wessnermusic.com
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