Wall of Tom

Burbank, CA United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Vintage Rock/Pop, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Wall of Tom’s songs are the journey of Tommie and Tony: a twisted path of yearning and denial that lead to acceptance of a love so true.

She wasn’t exactly a waitress in a cocktail bar, but when Tommie V. met Tony Grimes working as a receptionist at a once famous but now fallen recording studio, the musical chemistry was undeniable.

Everyone was sure they were a couple when Tommie and Tony started playing their coffeehouse sets at small venues around their adoptive Los Angeles.

“We really listened to each other and fed off each other completely in our performances,” remembers Tommie. “The energy between us was so present and intense that the audiences knew we were in love before we did.”

The Wall of Tom—the self-induced one around Tommie’s heart--is what kept them apart. She was coming out of a long relationship and wasn’t about to jump into another one. It was time to get to work on her craft. Tony provided that motivation by encouraging her to work on her solo stuff, which she recorded with Henry Rollins’ band Mother Superior aided by guitar tech Walter Rice III who created the unique guitar sounds on System of a Down’s “Toxicity” (one of the benefits of being the cool girl with a cooler voice that musicians saw first thing every day when they stepped into their sonic office).

But that was the beginning. As they spent more and more time together, Tony’s singer/songwriter and 90’s alt rock influence seeped into Tommie’s blues and jazz palette. And each day that he literally showed up on her doorstep to pen another melody to fit her words, bigger pieces of the wall began to crumble until finally the feelings were mutually strong, the attraction wasn’t one-sided, and Tommie’s words were now about someone new.

“We got happy,” Tommie admits. “And our songs reflected how we felt.”

In a blog-driven rock world, that would normally be the sappy kiss of death for an indie band except for, well, the jangly guitars, the retro sound, and stylish dress…and the music—hooks that burrow into your brain and melodies that you want to hum the whole week after hearing them.

It seems that loving being in love doesn’t mean you can’t be hip.

“We’re not Kurt and Courtney, but we’re not Pete and Ashley either,” laughs Tommie. “Sonny and Cher, maybe. Now, that would be cool.”

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