Rebecca Coupe Franks

Stone Ridge, NY United States

rebecca coupe franks /composer /trumpet
Genres:Funk, Gospel/Religious, Jazz - Swing/Big Band, Jazz - Latin , Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Jazz - Fusion, Jazz - Bebop/Traditional, Jazz - 20’s - 40’s, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Latin - Jazz, Latin - Brazilian - Samba, RnB - Classic/Soul
 Rebecca Coupe Franks, known simply as"Coupe", originally from Palo Alto, California currently living in New York,has been one of he few women trumpeters performing and composing since the mid-eighties.Coupe spent ten years in New York CIty learning and playing with greats :Joe Henderson,Lou Donaldson,Norman Simmons,Art Farmer,Tom Harrell,Kenny Barron and Art Blakey.
Coupe has 4 self produced albums :"Exhibition", "100 per cent", "Check the box" and the new release "Two Oceans". All albums contain Coupes original material ranging in many styles. Coupes music has been on Stage, Commercials , Film & TV. "Law and Order" and "90210" with a recent MGM credit and Pepsi Commercial that ran in the UK.

“Two Oceans” is Coupe’s 4th self-produced album under her own label, RCF Records. Previous releases, all of which received acclaim from jazz lovers globally, include Exhibition: Tribute of Joe Henderson (2004), 100 Per Cent (200?) and Check the Box (2010).

Coupe is joined once again by Luis Perdomo on piano and rhodes. Re-creating their magic from “Check the Box” and making it even better, Coupe and Perdomo partner like musical allies coming together for a common cause. Also adding to the magic is Mimi Jones on bass and Rodney Green on drums.

Coupe’s music twists and turns in ways you will not expect with soul that anchors the foundation carried ruthlessley throughout all the songs. Coupe sytlistically pushes the envelope, mixing genres like pop, latin bebop, old school, blues and swing. (straight ahead?) Coupe’s trumpet playing is aggressive, soft, intense and beautiful. Her overall spirit and artistry surpassess all other endeavors to date.

“Two Oceans” is a 2-disc release with one instrumental and one vocal set of tunes. This press release highlights Disc One - the instrumentals.
The disc opens with “Stranger on the Subway”. A funky, changing-metered groove. The title comes from when Coupe lived in NYC and would take the subway and would be fascinated by all of the different people and how a smile from a strainger would bring her such happienss. This song features Perdomo on rhodes. “Luis is an extraordinary musician. This is our second album together. Working with Luis is like floating on a cloud,” says Coupe.

The disc continues with “Three Four”, a mesmerizing waltz with a gentle, lyrical melody. Then “Lost in Stone Ridge” changes feel and tempo on a dime.

“Lost in Stoneridge“ changes feels and tempos on a dime Coupe says she was influenced by Betty Carter and her band when she used to hear her in the late eighties and early nineties both in New York and on the West Coast.

One of the up-tempo songs “Genetic Make-up” was written with the influence of Wayne Shorter and MileDavis from the song “Orbits” (date). “I love the freedom of a model song, it can take you anywhere” Coupe says wistfully. The title of this track reminds us that we never know what will be part of us. Each of us, similar in form yet free to develop and transform. Coupe’s style, long runs and notes gliding in and out of a woven tight-knit groove. Perdomo’s solo takes on a life of its own and Green and Jones are exact and exciting.

“Regrets” and “Open Heart” are two ballads that take your breath away. In “Regrets”, Coupe adds the colors of the midi strings to the composition. With “Open Heart”, Coupe’s trumpet is haunting and lyrical. The combination of Coupe’s open sound, emotionally fortifying and Perdomo’s soulful sensitivity and finesse combined to make this ballad exquisite.

“Urgent Need” is in 6/8 and has an afro-cuban feel that fits well between two ballads. Perdomo takes Coupe on a magical whirlwind solo, relaxing and confortable for the listener.

“Blue”, influenced by Blue Mitchell, has a groovy bass line played by Jones, who is, “solid in the pcoket”, says Coupe. The melody is simple over a vlues groove with a bar in ¾ on the turnaround. “I remember hearing Blue Mitchell in person who I was sixteen years old. I spoke with him. His huge, warm spirit and big soulful sound on trumpet inspired me,” remineces Coupe. “The one’s for Blue.”

The other up-tempo song, “Moving on” swings hard with the be bop style inflections in melody and the whole emsemble swings. Perdomo starts off soloing with perfection of jazz element then Coupe follows using her range of low and high notes to put on the table a rythmic energy that Green and Jones pick up and carry.

“Tension and Release” is the last instrumental written for this album. This meloncoly tune once again uses changes of moods and tempo to elicit grief in the listener. Perdomo and Coupe ride tandem again only enlightening the side by side musical interpretation of two people disagreeing and in the end coming together.

The bonus track “Down Home Feeling” is a laid back blues in which Coupe pulls out her plunger and gets dirty. “I used to catch Clark Terry whenever I could.” Coupe said. Coupe emulates Terry’s old school swing and style with her down home plunger work.

The overall feel of the “Two Oceans” instrumentals on Disc One is profound. These tunes are deep, concentrated compositions that are executed to bring a vivid
compliation of Coupe’s life as she reaches for the Jazz galaxy. In addition to the eleven instrumental tracks on Disc One, Coupe has 9 vocal songs on a separate disc, available via download only at or visit her website at

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