Cudahy, WI United States

Lockjaw-Summer 2008
Bio: LOCKJAW is bringing "Hell Rock" to the masses. Dirty music for a dirty world. Defining decadence and debauchery with an in your face approach that will leave you wanting more. A sound inspired by bands like Nine Inch Nails. Motley Crue, Skinny Puppy, Metallica, etc. Machine gun-like electronics, superb musicianship and filthy vocals define Lockjaw's sound.

Led by MEDAVON on vocals, guitars and programming, Lockjaw has been playing live since 2002. Midwest airplay and a strong live show has helped to get Lockjaw some great opening spots for national acts including Mudvayne, Type O Negative, Damage Plan, Orgy, Wednesday 13, Hell Yeah, Prong, KMFDM and a sold out 4000+ show with Marilyn Manson.

Lockjaw's "Bored Again" from their CD "Dirty Minds and Smiling Faces" can be found on the X-Box360 game "Dead Rising" along with the soundtrack that was exclusively released in Japan.

Lockjaw has independently released 4 albums including their latest full length release in 2007 titled "11:11". An over-the-edge stage show filled with all the necessary elements of sweat, smoke and unrelenting honesty adds to the live intensity of this band and keeps its loyal following coming back for more. If you are tired of the same old thing and need a new fix.....then Lockjaw is your drug. Lockjaw is currently working on the upcoming album titled "The Soundtrack To The End".

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