Athens, GA United States

Chronic is ready for the world
Genres:Funk, Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Jazz - Fusion, RnB - Classic/Soul
Bio: JazzChronic from Athens, GA plays original funk infused music that is reminiscent of 70’s funk organ and horn bands with a 21st century twist. Every member in this dynamic group works together as a team in composing original music that jams from funk, rock n' roll, jazz, soul, r&b and world music.

Justin Willis- guitar, vocals
Bill Baker - bass
Leon Campbell- drums
Gnarly G - tenor, baritone and soprano saxophones, flute and vocals
Howard B. Stroud - keyboard/organ

Justin Willis is intuitive, spontaneous and a talented songwriter. Justin has grown into a guitar monster who creates new grooves, songs and ideas. Justin provides lead, background vocals for the band and has booked many great gigs for JazzChronic. Justin is a graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music. (Atlanta, GA)

Bill Baker is creative, has excellent bass skills, is all about the groove and bringing the funk. Bill has intriguing musical ideas and has become a great songwriting partner with Justin Willis, our guitarist. Bill is a recent graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music, (Atlanta, GA) and practices/performs various styles of music constantly.

Leon Campbell brings years of experience and professionalism to JazzChronic . Having performed with a lot of great musicians from the northwestern U.S., Leon has created his own style of drumming by fusing all the many styles that he has studied throughout the years. Leon keeps the band on time and funky. Leon builds drums and has built several great sounding drum kits, including several of his own.

Gnarly G is a saxophonist, vocalist, rapper and flautist who performs with power, confidence, creativity and soul. G has great charisma and humor, which serves him well as the front man for JazzChronic. G got his stage name from one of his brothers, who stated that he was the bastard cousin of Kenny G. G is the hardest working man in Athens show business, performing not only with the Chronic, but working with the Half Dozen Brass Band, The Dark Side of the Dead, Sursievision and other projects.

Howard B. Stroud is a keyboardist who plays funk/jazz styled chords and solos with his right and left hands. Howard uses many sounds to create his own style of keyboard musicianship. Howard expects perfection and constantly strives for excellence. Howard is a great team player and promotes all things JazzChronic.

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