Walter Morciglio

Las Vegas, NV United States

Walter Morciglio
Bio: Walter Morciglio's career as a singer songwriter, studio guitarist, sound engineer album producer as well as concerts and show promoter/producer is well is a well known and respected in Puerto Rico's contemporary music scene.

Walter is a two-time Grammy Latino nominated for his String For Kids productions 2007-2008 where he also serves as composer, arranger, guitarist and sound engineer. Since the year 2002 he has participated in numerous albums and compilations well received and celebrated efforts belonging to the always growing Puerto Rico's independent music scene.
As a producer his credits include such artists as Roy Brown, Antonio Cabán Vale, Andy Montañez, Chucho Avellanet, and José Saavedra among others.

With his music Walter has traveled extensively through the island of Puerto Rico as well as the Dominican Republic, New York, Arizona, Texas, California. Chicago as well as Madrid, Salamanca, México and Venezuela.
In Puerto Rico Walter has shared the stage with world known exponents such as Pedro Guerra, Jorge Drexler, Enanitos Verdes, Roy Brown, Alejandro Filio, Fernando Delgadillo and others.

During .2007-08 Walter presented his work on the Festival de la Palabra en el Zócalo, México, as well as being the headliner artist at the 25th Aniversary of Disc Makers ® in Puerto Rico. Walter also had the opportunity to present his work at the ASCAP® showcase in PR. Walter served as guest panelist at the Puerto Rico Music Business Conference.

Apart from his work as a singer songwriter Walter Morciglio has been deeply involved in the development of the first musician/songwriter coop in the Puerto Rico, Taller Cé, as one of its founders.

Linked to his commitment and concern to promote intercultural exchange and the opening of spaces and scenes for new and independent artist, Walter founded Febea Productions Inc. A non for profit organization dedicated to cultural work and Production of shows.

Under this organization Walter has had the chance of producing shows internationally known singer songwriters such as Pedro Guerra, Fernando Delgadillo, Gema y Pável, Alejandro Filio, and others who for the first time had the chance to present their work in a hall in a Puerto Rican fine arts theater. To these we add an increasing number of Puerto Rican independent artist and musicians who have received support from Febea Productions.

Morciglio also collaborates with the Fundación Nacional para la Cultura Popular, located in Old San Juan, another non profit organization dedicated to the promotion of popular culture in Puerto Rico.
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