Brian McTamaney

Richmond, VA United States

Brian McTamaney
Genres:Country - Classic, Rock - Roots Rock, Blues - Electric
Bio: Brian McTamaney was born in Richmond Va on Sept. 30, 1982. His love for music began when he first heard Elvis Presley at five years old. Brian started playing guitar sometime before the age of ten. In high school, looking to try something different, Brian played in a punk band named Use By Sunday in which he shared vocals. He then joined another punk band named Alpha Orion, in which he played lead guitar. At this time Brian began writing songs 'Weak Girl' and 'Someday Soon'(then titled Always Love Me) being among the first. After punk-rock ran it's course for Brian, he went back to the roots. After receiving his grandfathers vinyl records from his mother, Brian fell in love with the traditional country sounds of Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers etc... He began incorporating everything that had shaped him musically into his sound-rockabilly,blues,country & western, even a bit of punk sows up in his alt. country style.
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