Fritz Creek, AK United States

Genres:Funk, Reggae/Dub, Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Milo Matthews and Shawn Zuke have collaborated in a musical project called LoveLifeMusic dedicated to honoring the divine in themselves and among their listeners. As life-long musicians and music appreciators, they have first-hand knowledge that music is one of the best mediums for delivering an all-inclusive spiritual message of peace and unity.

Their philosophy is that whatever you give your attention to will grow. They feel that if they embrace a positive and peaceful message of hope, love, and unity, this will influence their inner environment, drawing more light into their thoughts and lives. They subscribe to the belief that it is far more productive to dwell on the appreciation of what’s positive in the moment rather than allowing themselves to feel fear—allowing love is a simple choice.

LoveLifeMusic is an ever-evolving musical vision that utilizes the talents of some of the best musicians from Alaska and beyond to contribute to their unique dance-able sound and peaceful message. With Milo’s unique style that incorporates pop, funk, jazz, soul, progressive rock, and Shawn’s powerful hypnotic voice they are able to express their celebration of love, life, and music while emanating the spirit of originality and beauty.

Shawn Zuke released her first solo album, “Of The Light,” in 2002. She has since toured and performed with the bands Lush Butterflies, FreeMadonnas, Moonbellies, and Earthshine extensively throughout Alaska and other states including Washington, California, Mexico, Arizona, and New Mexico, and Hawaii. Her distinct vocals, dynamic presence and dedication to independent music are proof of Shawn’s continuing force in the Alaskan independent artist community and beyond. She is currently working in the studio on three music projects to include LoveLifeMusic, Alaska Women Songwriters for Inner Peace, and her solo CD “Free, Still, and Clear”.

Milo Matthews began his music career as a busker in the subways of Boston, Massachusetts. Well-known for his mastery of the electric bass, Milo has performed with several bands, including the Danny Godinez Band and Salem, both of which have garnered a faithful following throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Milo is currently the subject of a documentary titled Milo aka: Street Musician by New England Film Productions, which is set for release in spring of 2006. Milo has released several solo albums, most recently “Milo,” and is soon to release his sixth solo album, “Miles of Eva.”

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