the airport dream

Brooklyn, NY United States

Bio: With their debut album, Sirens To The West, The Airport Dream boldly bridges the gap between downtempo and post-rock. Blending well-crafted electronic backdrops and mood-inducing rock, Sirens To The West manages to conjure the brooding vibe of Massive Attack's landmark album, Mezzanine, while cleverly paying tribute to less conspicuous influences such as Sunny Day Real Estate. More importantly, The Airport Dream finds a natural home between these worlds, and consistently stays true to their very own sonic identity.

The Airport Dream formed shortly after songwriter/producer Wes Jones and vocalist Alexis Hamlin-Vogler relocated from Gainesville, Florida to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Having left Gainesville's Organik Records, Wes found himself back to basics, simply writing to write. Eventually the desire to play live with a devoted group started to surface, and Wes soon enlisted Nick Mihalevich on bass, John Foecking on guitar, and Charlie Werber on drums. With the majority of writing and pre-production completed within a few months, the group soon began additional recording for Sirens at various studios in Minneapolis, followed by piano, vocal, and cello sessions at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota- a space which lends its ambience beautifully to the songs.

While some songs on Sirens reflected their initial compositional skeletons, others were completely reworked and post-processed in the studio before realizing their eventual form. Sirens shows evidence that the limitless possibility of the studio realm is something that was ultimately embraced by The Airport Dream. Now, they focus their efforts on ensuring translation from the studio to the stage, and look to explode onto the live scene later this year. With Sirens To The West, The Airport Dream plans to continue to independently promote hard and digital copy formats, as well as obtain licensing for placement in film and commercial use. Above all, they strive to continue making truly original and meaningful music for a new era.
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