Original Syn

Houston , TX United States

Original Syn - The Blues
Bio: A Native of Central America with West Indian and Creole roots, SYN's production style can be best described as an Urban Alternative to R&B, Hip Hop, and Experimental Music. Under the influence of these expansive cultural roots, creates his unique brand of music. When his music is heard, the listener is completely enveloped in the broad range and complexity of his dynamic musical thought and interpetations. SYN seems to consistently find ways to create a variety of music styles. A SYN produced track might be an up-tempo, drum heavy club mix ladened with synthesized harmonic leads(hence him adopting the name SYN) and complex beat patterns. His music could also be a smooth, sultry arrangement with percussions that rhythmically caress the sound track. Syn is able to select complementing themes of amplitude to project sound dynamics that listeners can easily translate into feelings of vigor, turmoil, and conflict. His use of softer tempos and rhythms project loving emotions filled with gentleness, longing and passion. SYN embraces an interactive approach in working with both new and established artists. He welcomes new talent and works to compliment their God given gifts while enhancing hidden treasures of musical expression unseen by the untrained eye. SYN welcomes you to his ever expanding universe of harmonic sound synthesis and helps to catapult your talent into the listening experience of the music enthusiast. This is why any artist wishing to collaborate with him will find something in his wide range of creative energy toward which they instantly gravitate. In fact, some of the artists who he has worked with such as Singer/Songwriter April Dawn, D.A.,of Rap-A-Lot's Blac Monks fame, Ra-Soul and Venom of Darque Seed, Kidd of World Fame, Q.U.E, and songstress Tsang know and understand that SYN has the potential and drive to be a pioneer in unveiling your talent. SYN is destined to rendezvous with the cutting edge of musical evolution, an evolution that isn't just necessary ... But inevitable. Along with SYN's colliegate accompliments with a degree in business. He has also successfully completed post graduate work at MediaTech Institute (Sunrise Sounds Studio, owned and managed by globally known mixing and master engineer Skip Burrows) in Houston, Texas where he received a Recording Arts degree. SYN aspires to follow in the footsteps of Quincy Jones. Quincy's unparallel success in multiple genres of musical style has always been and remains an inspiration for to continue to strive for greatness in the world of music
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