Lafayette, IN United States

Atarilogic : Beat Broker and Cut & Paste Kingpin
Bio: Founder of the fledgling Tone Def Systems label and mellow mover in the studio, Atarilogic is synonymous with Rebel Music. Utilizing spaced-out styles and astronautical engineering theories, an eccentric and incidentalist sonic enthusiasm and plenty of psychedlia, Atarilogic combines experimentalism with luminous cadences to produce something strange and new. This is hybrid music; the sound of the future that seems equally at home in much of the great psychedelic and dance related musical movements of the past as well as right now. Moody Uzis provides us a selection of some of the artist’s favorite works. In this, his first release, one can imagine lounge antics bordering on the Gonzoistic, Prankster style hijinks in the biker bar and mad encounters with Le Moderne. Classical styles morph into breaks, hi-hats ufo through the sky, the Fortean Night warms our Moody Uzis. Listen.


“Atarilogic is a frenetic William Burroughs with all of the bravado of Afrika Bambaataa’s futuristic retrology. A throwback with all of the inklings of the original article.” - Ann Weaton, Home School

“An evening with Atarilogic is an experience in the absurd - where styles clash, floors are trashed and all must dance. From futuistic tabla to distorted industrial sounds and even polka music, Atarilogic knows how to make the crowd jump...even if it is more than likely for his own amusement.” - Michael Graham, Introduction

“Even without partner, Alaska; Atarilogic remains a sonic force to be reckoned with. Whereas, his first team-up was tea, this is straight gasoline.” - Jeff Locke, Around


“Complex arrangements and “cut-and-paste” technique make Moody Uzis as incredibly unlikely today as it might have been in the French Bohemian movement. Truly one of a kind!” - Brian Archer, Found Sound

“Extensive listening and an ear for incidentalia pepper what at first appear to be hip hop beats which are quickly transmogrified by the artist into Latin folk ballads, horror soundtracks and dubplate fare.” - Cameron Anderson, Glowsound

“If Moody Uzis is a metaphor for this album being as explosive as a cache of small, handheld firearms, then the metaphor is not only apt, but remains haunting since much of the album is fluent in the disarming language of harmony and elegance.” - John Austin, The Note
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