Twin Falls

Stoke sub Hamdon, Somerset United Kingdom

Bio: Twin Falls, a collective (of sorts) that started life as the nom-de-band for London based singer/songwriter Luke Stidson, took shape from the dying embers of UK indie label Exercise1 (responsible for debut singles from Twin Thousands and Jeremy Warmsley, as well as the widely acclaimed 50minutes compilation). Stidson, a founder of the label, found himself starting to indulge his irrepressible passion for playing guitar, writing the odd tune and recording himself.

A few demos and phone calls to friends later, he was joined by several supporting members including older brother Mark, Tom Madders (a fellow Exercise1 founder), and good friends Helen Harper, Tom Chiplen and Emma Kingston, to begin work on what would become a 6 track debut EP entitled ‘We Will Begin To Flicker’.

Returning to his native Somerset and setting up a modest project studio in an outhouse belonging to his parents, the conditions quickly turned into the biggest snowstorm the UK had seen in 20 years. With a lack of any heating, the outputting glacial tones made nods to the likes of Sparklehorse, Elliott Smith and the alt-country lushness of Wilco, whilst retaining a very English sensibility not that far from the Divine Comedy.
Self-produced and released on a self-financed label called Nordic Fir, Twin Falls roped in Masterer Dave Holmes (Bloc Party, The Rakes, The Subways, Mystery Jets) to apply the finishing touches. The release received hugely positive reviews with Subba-cultcha naming them “folk’s newest young rebels” and God Is In The TV calling the EP “essential listening…Twin Falls never let you down, crafting songs of such infectious joy and despair, that can only fail to melt the hearts of the most hard hearted cynic amongst you”.

Following a steady 6 months of live work and with the supporting member list growing by the week, Twin Falls returned to the studio – another purpose-built affair, this time with central heating – to begin work on a follow up release. Not one for the traditional ‘singles route’ that normally launches a band’s career; Stidson chose to write another EP. If the debut was Twin Falls’ winter record, then ‘The Seasoned Times’ is surely their British wet summer release.

Once again issued on Nordic Fir via iTunes and highly limited CD release, ‘The Seasoned Times’ trades in We Will Begin To Flicker’s downtrodden tales of woe for some slightly happier tales of nostalgia, forgotten heart break, and the inevitable love-hate relationship that any twenty-something has with the place they grew up. Carefully orchestrated to breath further life into the instrumentation and arrangements, whilst at the same time retaining the ability to not over gild the lily and Twin Falls’ trademark oscillation between, on the one hand, the lo-fi and intimate and, on the other, the lush and widescreen.
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