To Life!

San Rafael, CA United States

To Life!
Bio: To Life! is a trio playing music that draws from a rich and varied cultural palette to create a new transcendent world sound.
The members of To Life! are:
Osher (didjeridoo, percussion, vocals): Since discovering the didjeridoo in 1996, Osher has led international workshops and sound healing events, classes (ie with Cirque de Soleil), and has been a featured guest performer with acts such as Jai Uttal, Lost at Last, Zap Mama, and The Ali Kahn Band.

Djon Djon (guitars, oud, vocals): Both a musician and platinum-selling, grammy nominated producer, Djon Djon has worked both onstage and in the studio with a wide variety of international and local artists, in styles ranging from R & B, Rock, Reggae, World, etc..

LO (djun djuns, percussion): LO has explored indigenous music and instruments from Africa (M'bira and Djun Djun) and traditional Kulingtang music of the southern Philippines as an Agong and Dabikan player. His has traveled to Africa and Latin America experiencing a broad variety of musical/cultural expression that has influenced his approach to playing. The sound, tone and rhythms produced by LO's djun djun's evoke primal, hypnotic trance states driven by tribal beats. 

Meeting at an improvised jam session, the members of To Life! decided to begin a collaboration. Their goal was to create a sound that is original, is inspired both from a primal place and by the present moment, and that blends the traditions and influences that each member as individuals have explored.
The music takes the listener on a journey through tribal landscapes, rhythmic dance, and hypnotic trance. Not defined by borders or nationality, the music of To Life! blends diverse elements associated with various cultural traditions in a reflection and expression of a new global community.

“.....a magnificent volume of sonic textures and fascinating musical horizons is what I've found here on this new profile! Your "Sufi Prayer", and the "Frog Journey" have this wonderfully dense arrangement that still manages to convey a sense of lightness, of "Space". AMS Sound?

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