Stack Jones

Las Vegas, NV United States

Stack Jones
Genres:Folk, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Stack studied music at Miami Dade Community College in Miami, Florida, received a BA (honors) in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, audio/video engineering certification at Soundmaster Recording Studios, studied design and EFX at Moviola Educational Center, and received a Juris Doctorate (JD) at the University of La Verne College of Law in Los Angeles. He's also a licensed Broker, and published author.

Stack has worked with Grammy Award winning producer Karl Richardson in the music industry, and with Emmy Award winning producer Alan Sacks in the television and motion picture industry. Stack worked as a project developer and screenwriter for Tsuburaya Productions, and an artist agent at Metafor Imaging/Creative Oxygen, where he represented some of the finest artists in the world.

Stack plays country, alternative, rock, folk, and pop and his own style of bluegrass. Stack recently completed his debut album; 13 Rowdy Row, which he wrote, produced, engineered, and performed all the instruments. Stack’s second album; Mostly Odd Things He Does has been completed, along with; Stack Jones Love/Live, which has both live and studio cuts.

"I began my recording projects while attending law school. Law school and recording equipment are expensive. I couldn't afford both, unless I made some serious sacrifices. So, I placed my possessions in a storage facility in San Diego and lived out of my truck for three years.

“On weekends I'd drive to San Diego, surf and sleep on the beach. On weekdays, I'd spend my time in a strict routine of morning workouts at the YMCA, followed by endless hours studying in the library and attending class. When school was closed, I drove to Monterey and San Francisco, where I walked and surfed the best beaches in California."

"I slept in the mountains of Yosemite National Park, and in cheap hotels in Baja. I considered the entire Pacific coastline my home. I’d memorize case law and course outlines for law exams in that manner. I hoped my sacrifice and commitment would one day be rewarded.” (Hope, one of those evils that escaped Pandora's box, along with hate, despair, envy and the rest.)

Stack spent two-years working for the San Bernardino County Public Defenders Office and Juvenile Division. He won every motion he wrote. "When I finished law school, I didn’t stick around to attend the graduation ceremonies. I walked out of my last exam, headed for San Diego, loaded up my gear and headed for Overton Beach, Nevada, where my sister had a vacation home.”

The address "was" 13 Rowdy Row, which is how the debut album got its name. I said “was” because before I could complete the project, the National Park Service breached a 99-year lease and gave my sister a mere thirty-day notice to vacate -- with no just compensation, and no place for me to finalize my project.

Deterred but not defeated, Stack packed his studio and moved to Japan, where he finalized 13 Rowdy Row, Mostly Odd Things He Does, and Stack Jones Love/Live. Stack signed with American Indy label; Cherry Street Records. (Cherry Street president Rodney Young has given Stack, written notice that he can be released from the labels if he desires. The issue is the current banking crisis, which has caused the inability of the label to get the necessary funding to release Stack's debut album and supporting tour.)

Stack has received favorable reviews and won several awards for Ugly Ducklin’ which will be released on 13 Rowdy Row. Stack has been compared to Leonard Cohen, Lynryd Skynyrd, Jackson Brown and David Bowie.

Stack's next project is writing a screenplay based on Pramoedya Ananta Toer's, Bumi Manusia Quartet; "This Earth Of Mankind," which was nominated for a Pulitzer Peace Prize. The Bumi Manusia Quartet is banned in Indonesia, where Toer spent more than seventeen-years imprisoned for writing the series of novels.

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