Jacob Vanags

Los Angeles, CA United States

Photo by Andrew Burkle
Genres:Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Whether he is hiking in the Andes, roofing a house, break dancing, or couch surfing around the world, piano-rocker Jacob Vanags is always eager to try something new. This desire to step outside the box, break it down, and recycle it into something original defines the personality of his music.

Following the 2008 solo EP, The Come On! Collection, and his 2009 full band EP, Pulses are Pluses, (which offers the fearless storyline of “Speak Up Now,” the epic orchestration of “Antarctica,” and the unifying illustration of “Jonah’s Dream”) Vanags reaches new heights with his 2010 summer singles.

“Madeline” is as funky-fresh as its lyrics suggest and has been deemed “the song of the summer” by fans. However, Jacob’s ability to create unforgettable melodies is not done without substance. He proves that he is able to cater to the detailed listener with “Public Transit” by weaving harmonies with orchestral instruments, creating a refreshing soundtrack for everyday life.

Comparable to the piano work of Ben Folds, the vocals of Jason Mraz, the orchestration of Sufjan Stevens, and the pulse of Snow Patrol, Jacob Vanags still brings a unique mix of talent, hope and confidence to an otherwise stagnant industry.

The Jacob Vanags Band has headlined the Lyrikplatz stage at Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA, The Bitter End in NYC, The Bottom Lounge in Chicago, and with an extensive line-up of shows this fall including Crash Mansion in November, there is no excuse to miss this talented trio that just might change your perception of piano rock.

Step outside the box, break it down, and recycle it into something new.
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