Marianne Kesler

Springfield, OH United States

Genres:Folk, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Dubbed "a darling of the folk, coffeehouse and college circuits for the better part of two decades" (Wildy's World 2009) and “the headbanger’s favorite folk artist” by a New England festival promoter, Kesler has taken her meld of acoustic driven pop/folk/rock music across the United States, and as far as Australia and the Netherlands. With six CD projects and 3 singles to her credit, 2014 finds her in a season of song writing.

When writing songs to perform herself, Marianne loves to describe her organic vibe as a quirky meeting between her favorite music artists:
Imagine, she muses, if Joni Mitchell got together with Leonard Cohen for a writing session at the coffeehouse where Neil Young and the Counting Crows were playing, folk artist Jan Krist was singing, Tori & Fiona were pouting, Over The Rhine & Aimee Mann opened, and Santana stopped by to play some smokin’ guitar...Yeah, it sounds something like that!

Writing with and for other artists has broadened her musical horizon. A song called "What Do I Know was made into a demo by producer Ben Kesler and also covered by Americana artist Brant Christopher of Big Kettle Drum. A friendship with artist Leah Thompson has resulted in over 30 co-written songs, ranging from r&b/soul to dance pop. Marianne has sold licenses for use of her songs in a variety of media, and has received an ACSAP Popular Award 14 different years.

Marianne posts a monthly blog on creativity on her website and has also published a trilogy of poetry/prose/photography books called the say something series (available on and in the Apple iBookstore). You can visit Marianne’s website:
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