David Smith

San Diego, CA United States

Bio: Hey y’all it’s your friendly narrator, David (the D.O.C) smith, or should I have had said David Garrett Smith. To some people, writing about oneself is pretty easy, but for me it is weird, but here goes:
I was born November 7, 1954 in the “B” (that’s Baltimore Maryland). I have always had a love for music (like who didn’t). While in high school, a classmate and I started a band and that kind of launch my career in music. So at the tender age of 14 through 18 years old, I played drums (and even sang) in a few bands.

Slowly I stopped playing for 10 years (early Fatherhood) and did not return to playing music until I was 28 years old. And boy, did I get a chance to play with a bunch of people, like percussions in Roulette, drums in reggae bands like Jah Rising, Ichelle Cole and the Strikers Posse, The Mighty Invaders. I also got to play with some great legends, like Don Carlos, sister Carol, Sister Nancy, Burning Spear, Gregory Issac and Mutabaruka.

In the winter of 1989, I moved to San Diego, California (thanks to Diane) where I played in bands like Just Us, N-Z Rough, Citizen X and The Tribe of Judah.
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