Joey Harlow

Roseville, MI United States

Joey Harlow
Genres:Country - Alternative, Electronic - Industrial, Electronic - Pop, Pop Rock, Pop - Electronic, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Trailer Music, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Specialty - Cinematic, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: J o e y Harlow

Producer - Director - Laguna Films, LLC
Musician - Film/TV composer / Actor
Recording Artist / Performer


Joey Harlow began at the early age of 7 playing talent shows and in his teens played in wedding
bands. By age 20 he joined his first rock & roll group, traveled with nationally known groups such as
CJ & Co. (Atlantic records), Ambrosia, and keyboardist on Madonna's 'Blonde Ambition' tour (1990).

He's recorded in California, Florida, Nashville, Memphis, however, most of his studio work was
done in his hometown popularly known as Motown.
After touring for many years, recognition finally came in the form of world-wide airplay on such
major television shows as, 'The Pickup Artist' and The Hills', (MTV and VH1), 'Californication',
(HBO/Showtime), 'CSI', (TNT networks).
Two orchestral tracks from Joey's catalog have been placed as background music for the show
'So You Think You Can Dance'. (CBS)


2002 1. 'Broken'

2. 'Just One Kiss'

3. 'Losing Face'

4. 'Golden Parachute'

2006 Original Music: 'THE HILLS' 'Boyfriends and Work Don't Mix' (1 episode) (MTV)

2008 Composer: Additional music (3 episodes) / 'So You Think You Can Dance' (CBS)

Composer: 'CSI Miami' Additional music theme ( 4 episodes)


1984 Directed "Driller Killer" filmed in NYC.

2009 Co-Starred in the first ever vampire Rock Opera / film, "ONE KISS, ONE BITE"
as sex slave to Vicki, the Vampire Diva.

2009 Extra in Shady Lady Films, 'BEST GIRLFRIENDS'
as night club / bar patron.

2010 Composer additional music '10 on Top' (MTV) (1 episode)

2010 “Featured Extra” in 'REAL STEEL'
as upper class / upscale fight fan.
Starring Hugh Jackman – Evangeline Lilly - Kevin Durrand.
A Dreamworks / Touchstone Pictures production. Distributed by Disney.
REAL STEEL 'Official' Trailer :

2011 Joey Harlow - Executive producer/Director on "SEARCH FOR LOVE LOST"
(feature film) and "ETERNAL LOVE LOST" (short film) (completed)
'Official' trailer:
'Credit trailer:
Available on Amazon Video On Demand (VOD) at:

2012 Composer of original music / Shady Lady Films 'DETROIT WINTER'

2013 Currently Joey is Producer - 1st Assistant Director / Music Supervisor on "PAST DUE"
starring Eric Roberts, John Wells, Sebrina Scott and Directed by the Hollywood iconic
legendary Robert Conrad.
Director of Photography: Ronald Vidor
"PAST DUE!" Film Site:

all rights reserved LAGUNA FILMS, LLC

Web Site:
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