The Gutterpups

linden, NJ United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Pop Rock
Bio: Gripping vocals, penetrating lyrics, and a strangely optimistic melancholy are the meat and potatoes of The Gutterpups debut effort, All You Ever Were.

A percussive, rock and acoustic rock album capable of leaving emo fans shaking, housewives quivering, and alterna-kids feeling hip for a second or two, All You Ever Were is as pure and emotional as it gets.

With layers of electric and acoustic guitars fronted by Sean Tevlin’s trademark worn, in-your-face voice and a tender ear for sophisticated pop poignancy, The Gutterpups are able to combine the smarts of The Wallflowers and Counting Crows with the boldness of The Replacements and The Gin Blossoms. All while crafting a tightly produced, hook-laden rock album appealing to rock, indie, folk, and pop fans alike.

The Gutterpups were formed late in 2007 by Tevlin and quickly set to recording the music that would become All You Ever Were. Guitarist Shamus O’Toole, bassist Rod Smallwood and drummer Alex Bekracken have all given Tevlin’s songs a big piece of their own styles and along the way gelled into an incredible live band.
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