Novato, CA United States

Genres:Blues - Electric
Bio: Formed in San Francisco in 1998, Albatross features James Petrella on guitars and vocals, Phil Zamora on bass and lead vocals, and Johann Zamora on drums. The band members are all veterans of the Bay Area club scene. They have been friends and music colleagues for years and have performed together in other bands but never as a unit. They formed the Albatross band so they could play the music that they love without being influenced by current styles or trends in the music industry.

The result, "Blues Landing" their first album, is a unique blend of rock and blues with jazz influences. They capture the sounds and feeling of 60's & 70's artists, Cream, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and other greats of that era.

The Albatross sound is powerful and bluesy with dynamic passages, great songwriting, melodic vocal harmonies and a command of their instruments that takes the term "power trio" to the next level.
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