Venice, CA United States

Bio: Lemonwilde is a 5-piece band from Los Angeles. The band was co-founded by Ter Dines (piano/synth) and Joe Murray (vocals/lyrics) in late 2007, and in 2008 the band rounded itself out with the additions of Henry Pope (bass), Luke Martinez (guitar), and Adam Troughear (drums). As of March of 2009 Lemonwilde released their first EP, Red Room.

Now that they've completed their first EP, they plan to bring their music to the world in the greatest of proportions, one step at a time. It's their way of saying thank you for all the great music they’ve grown up on. The end goal is to influence and give back to the next generation, that they, too, may take up the flag and drive music to places yet unseen. The quote from Roald Dahl, "We are the musicmakers and the dreamers of dreams," is a great way to explain what is coming next for Lemonwilde. They plan to do just that.


"Lemonwilde’s 5 song EP Red Room is a triumph, in that it expresses angst without sounding pretentious, emo or boring. In fact it’s quite the opposite: simple, well crafted, beautifully executed and moody as hell....this is not a group of moody guys messing around and talking about their problems, this is good solid alternative indie music." - Insomnia radio (UK)

" The defiant anti-angst kind of demure is energetic and honest, the art of opening your heart and wearing it on your sleeve generates moments that frankly come across quite terrifying. You will be hard pushed not to be moved with this record. The rising minor squabble between Electrolica and Alt Rock eloquently calms down an almost Drum And Bass like percussion, it’s been too long since a band has managed to successfully blend so many influential music styles and shine it up with probing heart felt vocals." - Mojophenia (UK)

"Lemonwilde has just enough of that dark angst set to the soothing vocals that will linger with you long after you stopped playing their music. This band will grow on you like a soothing long kiss that makes you just wonder what happened!" - Loudvine (Los Angeles, US)

"...if you listen closely you'll be able to recognize [Los Angeles] through their music, or at least a dark, haunting and haunted version of it (some of the songs also have a sort of a Gotham feel to them). I can't really describe the music in words, it needs to be experienced and felt. But this unique mixture of rock, jazz, blues, alternative and a host of other genres of music (and other forms of art, by the look of their website), is truly remarkable in effect." -Laughing Evergreens (Israel)

"It's glum rock for a glum world and a welcome change from boy/girl electro duos, beardy folkies and tousled headed faux indie bands." -The Devil Has The Best Tuna (UK)

"Lemonwilde have intrigued me…there is a real feel to the music, angst ridden in a Muse or Radiohead way at times." - Rocksellout (UK)


Indie 103.1 "LA/OC Band of the Week"
Filter Magazine's Compilation CD for Coachella Music Festival 2009 (with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Franz Ferdinand, Bat For Lashes, NASA, White Lies, and more...)
Performed the wrap party for the film Veronika Decides to Die, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (Penthouse at Hotel on Rivington in Manhattan)
Voted into the "Indie Top 5" on 91X, radio station in Ontario, Canada
Performed for an Amnesty International Charity event with Lily Haydn at the Roxy in Los Angeles
Played on over 25 radio stations across the world (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa)
Have been written about (positively of course) on over 40 music blogs across the planet (United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Canada, Spain, France, and more...)

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