The Brian Waite Band

Lake Forest Park, WA United States

Genres:Kids/Quirky, Reggae/Dub, Country - Contemporary/Pop, Rock - Rockabilly, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, World - Celtic, Blues - Electric
Bio: The Brian Waite Band was born from the idea of creating live rock shows that thrill both parents and children alike. Founded in 2001 by Brian Waite (guitar), Todd Gray (drums) and Clif Swiggett (bass), the trio began touring the West Coast, and before they knew it, their music was being played all over the world. Ten years and five critically acclaimed albums later, their interactive shows have evolved from children’s concerts into musical theater. The Brian Waite Band’s live shows combine imaginative storytelling, zany characters, and lots of laughs with great original songs that take the whole family on a “Rock n’ Roll Adventure”. For additional history and information about the band, please visit
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