Buffalo Grove, IL United States

Genres:Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - Pop, HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Gangsta/Hardcore, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, Pop - Teen, HipHop - Pop/Modern, Pop - Electronic, Alternative Pop, Specialty - Promo Music, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Rock - Alternative Pop , Latin - Pop, RnB - Modern/Urban Contemporary
Bio: Trentino is an Electro House recording artist and musician who happens to play the turntables and the drums (in one performance). He hails from Chicago, but has already taken his talents to over a dozen cities. His compositions have received radio airplay across the world, and have been featured on TV networks such as MTV, VH1, ESPN, and Oxygen and more. "Spectrum," his debut Electro House EP, was released in April 2011 with a release party at Mansion Miami.
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