Lovey Dovey

Warren, NJ United States

Genres:Lounge/Exotica, Alternative Pop, Specialty - Promo Music, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: L/D is a 3 piece...
Frank Coelho - Voice, Bass
Edward Haviland McCaine - Guitar
Edward Potokar - Drums, Electronica

Mark Schaaf (Audio Artists, Redness) - Percussion, Vibraphone, Bongos
Rick DePofi (Elvis Costello, Rosanne Cash, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Loudon Wainwright III) - Acoustic Flute

All songs written by Coelho/McCaine

All trax produced and arranged by Edward Potokar

Executive producer, engineer and well-dressed swell - Craig Bishop
(Television, David Byrne, The System, Regina Spektor, Tommy James, Blue Oyster Cult, Kool & The Gang)

Recorded @ Boodle Hole Studios, Accord, NY

Mixed and engineered @ NY Noise, NYC

The founding members of L/D - Frank Coelho and Edward McCaine - originally formed as a band under the FRED moniker (Frank&Ed).

Coelho and McCaine have been writing music together for a number of years and are founding members of three other bands - the SUAVE ELBOWS, LEOPOLD and FIN+FEATHER. The first two have performed live extensively throughout the NYC area, the latter is a soundscape project.

Frank Coelho and Edward Potokar are also currently members of the AUDIO ARTISTS, an influential musical collaborative that creates its own instruments and that’s picking-up quite a bit of notice internationally, as well as substantial radio airplay on WFMU and other college/freeform stations ( and

Potokar was/is also in the following projects...Buddy Scott Trio, Skin Slappers, Redness, House of Diablo and Information Society.

Coelho/McCaine cite a cornucopia of artists as influential ingredients in the LOVEY DOVEY musical soup mix. In no particular order, these include (among many, many others) Burt Bacharach, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Serge Gainsbourg, Scott Walker, Be Bop DeLuxe, The Durutti Column, Joy Division, Wire, Bread, Nick Drake, the Buzzcocks, Brian Eno, Engelbert Humperdink, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sergio Mendes, Matt Monro, Gustav Mahler, Pizzicato 5, the Smiths, Nino Rota, the Las, the Divine Comedy, PJ Harvey, Tindersticks, and Heino (the albino German pop star) name just a few.
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