Lagord, Charente-Maritime France

Genres:Electronic - Pop, Pop - Electronic, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: "The Portraits create music that radiates such a warm glow
that words look dull and lifeless in comparison..."

“The Portraits…is one of the most unique and haunting acts [who] write pop songs that are intelligent, multi-faceted and
inordinately above the pop throng.”

2009 is a big year for The Portraits. They’ve been variously dubbed “The Warm Acoustic Pop Breeze”, and “The New Beautiful South”. But there is an artistic edge to the Anglo-Irish folk-pop created by Lorraine Reilly (guitar, voices) and Jeremy Millington (piano, voices, production) which sets them aside from their contemporaries. Imagery is central: poetic lyrics about the passing of time, bereavement, family and regret; the melancholic words married to uplifting harmonies and ghostly piano; the arty visuals created by Lorraine and used by the duo to animate their live performances; all of this would be at home in your local arts centre as much as the nearest gig venue.

Having met as newly qualified teachers in England over a decade ago, Lorraine and Jeremy set out to perfect their song writing craft, eking out a following with a live band doing Southern England’s gig circuits around the turn of the millennium. A move in the new decade to Western Europe helped to fine-tune the concept of The Portraits. The release to critical acclaim of the highly personal 2006 album "Kin", containing Anglicised shades of the French chanson style, followed by its South-African produced successor “Timescape” in 2008, the latter a colourful and intoxicating mix of worldy instruments, electronics and the duo’s trademark vocals, have carved out an individual niche for the duo. Hints perhaps of Brian Wilson’s wall of vocals and the honesty of a Ben Folds-esque song writing style, but an artistic edge most definitely reminiscent of The Portraits alone. The duo launch a series of live gigs in Spring 2009, and also plan to release a limited edition single in aid of a Burma school appeal. All of this while completing work on their third album, due out at the end of the year. Sleep is definitely not on the agenda for this most promising of creative partnerships in 2009!
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