Matthew Cavanaugh

Pasadena, CA United States

Genres:Alternative Pop, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Potential Meaning Hope, Matthew Cavanaugh's debut full length release on non-profit label Staircar Records, reflects an emphasis on the human condition and sense of purpose. Matthew interweaves the innate potential of a person's life, the purpose of existence, and a sense of hope. Potential Meaning Hope demonstrates ambivalence; it is haunted by a sense of distance, while, at the same time, warmed by a sense of intimacy and closeness. "The Rain In the Morning" opens Potential Meaning Hope with a cold eeriness, but leads into the first single off of Potential Meaning Hope, the airy, layered "Rose Tyler." "Crimson" and "Seen" illustrate a world in need of action and justice. "Isolde" pays homage to the classic Irish love story "Tristan and Isolde." The album closes with the warm, optimistic, low-fi "The Sun In the Evening," the antithesis of the album opener. Also known for his past involvement in experimental, alternative Chicago bands like This Prevailing Moment, daysembrace, and Tearsome, Matthew has transplanted to Los Angeles and emerged as a bold, original, and insightful singer-songwriter, capable of tugging on the heart strings of every music listener. True to the underlying optimistic message of this album, the profits from this album (and every other Staircar Records release) benefit IJM, an international organization engaged in fighting sexual slavery and human trafficking. Produced by Todd Baran (Stop Thief, Please Please Please) and Matthew Cavanaugh. Featuring appearances by fellow singer songwriters Keri Taylor, Kris Shepherd, Cate McCrory, Ryan Poling, Liz McQuitty, and Norwegian Ruth Skree. Mastered by JJ Golden (Iron and Wine, Kings of Convenience).
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