Sonny Fazio

Rothrist, Aargau Switzerland

Bio: Born in Italy, 1960. As an 8-year-old child he came with his family to Switzerland, where he is still living.

With 12 years his father gives him a guitar, and he starts to study music.

1976. He joins the rock group "Antares", later called "Cox Orange". He is very creative and starts to compose. Thanks to his ideas he influences the group positively.

1977 - 1980. His technique improves while playing with different groups in several concerts.

1981: Change from Rock to Softpop and in the same year he composes (music and lyrics) his first song in Italian. In the following years he participates in several song competitions with good results or even as a winner.

1984: he becomes a member of the Italian-group "Pullover", a bit later his first single Nuvola is born. One year later he is taking part with Pullover in the Swiss Song Contest where he tries to qualify for the European Song Contest with "Ancora mia", (music composed and arranged by him). At the same time he studies harmony, music theory and improves his hearing at the Zurich conservatory.

In 1987 begins the era of his professional productions in softjazz and pop style. In this era, which is still going on, he composed and arranged various English and Italian songs. He plays with several bands, like the "Ambassadors", whom he accompanies on stage as well as in the studio.

1992: Performance as a singer. Two years later CD compilation "Neue Talente 1994" with the song Walking alone, which he composed and for which he wrote a large part of the lyrics.

In 1995 start of the instrumental music era; 1997 first CD published in Germany Impressions at sundown (easy listening). It was sold with considerable success in Asia and in the USA.

1998 CD La mia vita (soft pop) of the Italo-Swiss singer Nora. 3 out of 5 songs were composed, arranged and produced by Sonny.

1999 Instrumental CD Euromance published in Australia. It is conceived as a music library, and is used as a test sampler for television and radio stations. The songs were broadcast several times in Australia and in HongKong.

2001 - 2002 production of the CD The New Esowave Pop, a new mix of old and modern music (combination of a classic Gregorian chant with modern rhythms and several ethnical elements stemming from different peoples (ethno world pop). At present negotiations for publication of the CD with several renowned publishers/majors.

2002 music for films, documentaries and audio-visual sound support remains very important. Today more than 60 minutes of professionally produced tracks are available. They can be used for several purposes in the film and audio-visual support business.
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