Alexander Julius Wright

Los Angeles, CA United States

Genres:Jazz - Fusion
Bio: Musician and composer Alexander Julius Wright is a versatile performer and writer, specializing in bass guitar, music composition and production. His professional resume includes over 9 years of experience in excess of 100 pro-level gigs, regional touring, a longtime house band residency, major studio recording credits, an original short film score, and a television music placement on The Tennis Channel. Currently he is the Musical Director (bass, keyboards, backing vocals) for Silver Lake based solo artist Madison Rene Knapp also known as MRK. He is a graduate of Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California and has been able to build a strong network of professional musicians and producers. Through this network and his past experience, Alexander has established a true passion and love for creating music cues fit for film, trailers, television and video games. He is currently expanding his unique music library by combining classic orchestral instruments with innovative cutting edge synthesizers and technology. In addition to performing many of the instruments heard in his music library, Alexander also hires other instrumentalists to enhance the listeners’ experience. Although he is staying busy with his current musical pursuits, Alexander is always looking to further expand his professional network and is open to exploring new performance, recording, production, and composition projects.
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