Chicago, IL United States

Genres:HipHop - Old School, Specialty - Promo Music
Bio: HANS BOLEX emigrated to the United States in 1988, looking for the same thing most immigrants do: opportunity, creative alliances, and the freedom to express ideas. BOLEX
left the former Yugoslovian state of Slovenia, and aimed for a city renowned for it's diverse and thriving musical history: Chicago. His own musical sensibilities were inspired by such ground-breaking artists as KRAFTWERK, THE HEAVEN 17, and JOY DIVISION, who each in their own way pushed the creative envelope, and shattered the status quo. While always a fan of African American music, upon arrival in the U.S. BOLEX discovered SLY STONE, PRINCE, EARTH WIND and FIRE, and the legends of MOTOWN. Integrating his European club background with a new-found love of AA music, BOLEX quickly found acceptance in Chicago's "house music" community, and signed deals with TRAX and DJ INTERNATIONAL Records. What followed was a string of successful 12" dance records, including three Billboard-charting 12" singles: "Move" ('Farmboy' on DJ INTERNATIONAL), "What's Up Rocky" ('Boris Badenough' on TRAX RECORDS), and "House Ain't Givin' Up" ('BNT' on A/K/A RECORDS). BOLEX established relationships with house legends FRANKIE KNUCKLES, STEVE 'SILK' HURLEY, and FARLEY JACKMASTER FUNK, all of whom contributed re-mixes of the TRAX and DJ INTL. releases.

As the House scene simmered, BOLEX turned his attention towards cinema and television, establishing production company MUSIC and PICTURES. Since that time BOLEX's music earned placement in hundreds of programs around the world, including "The Bernie Mac Show", "Smallville", "Lost", "The Oprah Winfrey Show", "Entertainment Tonight", "MTV Networks", "The Maury Povich Show", and dozens of others. Spot compositions for Adidas,
Apple, The Tribune Company, Mercedes Benz, and Dell computers offered yet another avenue of opportunity which BOLEX made the most of. During this same period, BOLEX taught himself the art of media editorial, and was tapped by Chicago's H-GUN to edit music videos for, among many others, PUBLIC ENEMY, SOUND GARDEN, NINE INCH NAILS, DE LA SOUL, MINISTRY, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES w/OZZY OSBOURNE, and SKID ROW.

HANS BOLEX continues to push the envelope of creativity in music composition and media editorial, and works with clients in both arenas regularly. SEE musicandpictures.com for samples of the work.
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