Brooklyn, NY United States

messyheads (john connor)
Genres:Folk, Country - Alternative, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Indie Rock
Bio: Brilliantly catchy chorus sections that will have you singing along after the second time around - and you won’t get sick of it for a very long time I suspect.
- hEARD magazine

Top-notch. Great, smooth vocals, hooks abound, probably just a matter of time before we’ve all heard of them. They’ve got the chops. Go Messyheads!
- punkplanet magazine

Connor’s writing is sharp and incisive.
- Jon Worley, Aiding & Abetting

Messyheads: ‘Devilment’
5 stars
A genre-bending disc, Devilment is the real deal... Totally committed to each song, the Messyheads play the hell out of the disc. Devilment couldn’t be labeled inconsistent, because start to finish, it’s great.
- Origivation magazine

Crunchy and sunny, both musical and lyrical chops, a band who have a lot of possibilities, hooks go flying! Soothing pop treats!
- in music we trust magazine

Should be sitting on the top of the charts!
- outershell

The tunes are catchy, original and modern with just enough edge. This is perfect alt-pop.
- Robbie,
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