The Godshills

Pikesville, MD United States

Bio: The godshills formed in 2007, in Baltimore, when bassist Marc Canyon (formerly in the indie band futureground in Los Angeles) placed an ad for a singer. Ewelina, who had just emigrated from Poland, responded to the ad. Ewelina, who also plays guitar, had previously been in an all girl band in Poland, auditioned by writing lyrics and melodies to some existing demos. When she returned with a rough version of “Way” the group hired her.

Canyon and Ewelina then started their relationship in the “downtown hangouts” of Baltimore, working on the riffs Canyon provided, with Ewelina contributing her arrangements and lyrics. After a year of collaboration, Canyon and Ewelina recorded tracks with noted session drummer John Thomakos.

Their music melds genres ranging from lo-fi underground and garage rock, using melodic-heavy guitars and erotic vocals.

What started out as an EP eventually became a 9 song LP. The Band recently signed a publishing deal with Los Angeles based Rescue Records.

The songs “Way”, “Fate” and “Zowie” have been featured on episodes of the NBC hit
television series Life.
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